Devon Industries – Purification

Glacier brings an international team of experts to your operations, focused on fluid filtration and purification, using tools to extend the life of all industrial lubricants. Decades of experience ensure application of proven approaches to lower the operating costs on mobile power, generating sets, and hydraulics, on vehicles and in manufacturing

  • Glacier Centrifuge (PPC) — this pressure-powered tool for oil traps dirt filters miss; the PPC extends lube and component life.. 
  • Glacier Scrubber — powerful rare earth magnetic separation collects ferro and para-magnetic particles in viscosities ranging from water-based coolants to thick gear lubes. 
  • Glacier Air Pre-Cleaner — dynamic pre-separation of airborne debris greatly extends air filter life.

Devon Industries – Power

Glacier products address the critical factor for heavy duty engines – they must start reliably. Low temperatures, high utility loads and infrequent operation combine to force “no-starts”; add in the eventual chemical degradation by sulfation in commodity lead-acid batteries — failure is certain.  Devon offers proven alternatives to overcome these well-known battery problems.
  • SkeltStart EMS — a 10-capacitor array delivers high current at peak voltage, the EMS is dedicated ONLY to starting
  •  NorthStar AGM Battery — rugged design with superior discharge, vibration resistance & charge acceptance
  • PulseTech Products — battery conditioning tools; PowerPulse is “built-in” to each, eliminating & preventing sulfation